LCP Roofing is run and managed by Andri Pretorius, Lyndsay Cotton and a core team of dedicated staff.

Our vision is to become the preferred ROOFING company in Gauteng and to grow a sustainable business whilst utilising industry leading software and equipment to achieve our aims of providing our clients and shareholders with added value and our staff with safe and secure employment.


  • We will make a difference due to our owners’ personal involvement in the company.
  • We will ensure that our clients are provided with a professionally designed, expertly manufactured and well erected roof.
  • We will maintain our quality standards and thereby ensure that our SATAS quality mark is maintained.
  • We will additionally, run our office and truss plant in such a manner that we will continue to receive our “A” grading from the ITC-SA.
  • We will strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all our staff.
  • We will continue to support and promote the aims of the ITC-SA and thereby ensure that our clients know that they and their investment are in good hands when they choose monoplaner prefabricated timber roof trusses from LCP Roofing.
  • We will encourage our clients to maintain correct building practices and safe building sites so that their roofs are delivered and erected in the correct manner and risks to our staff are reduced to the absolute minimum.
  • Will not promote, allow or tolerate unprofessional, dishonest or unethical behaviour from either our management, staff, clients, suppliers or subcontractors.


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