New year, new me: What 2019 holds for LCP Roofing

‘New year, new me’ is the overwhelming mantra shared across all social media channels at the start of every new year and 2019 has been no different. Through New Year’s resolutions, we commit to hit the gym more often, finally finish that Dan Brown book that’s been lying on the bedside table for the past year and, for some an impossible task, cut down on our coffee intake.

While there’s no guarantee that the coffee intake will decrease at LCP Roofing’s offices, our aim for the new year is plain and simple: Continue to strive towards our vision of promoting excellence in everything we do.

How will we be doing this?

Our core team of dedicated staff will continue to provide our valued clients with excellent customer service by developing and enhancing their tenacity, attentiveness as well as clear, effective communication.

It goes without saying that we commit to maintaining – and even improving – on our quality standards, thereby ensuring our South African Technical Auditing Services (SATAS) quality mark is maintained.

As the country’s only SAQA-accredited professional body for the engineered timber construction sector, the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) works tirelessly in the creation and maintenance of standards in the industry. We at LCP Roofing, a member of the ITC-SA, commit to uphold, support and promote these aims and, in so doing, ensure that our clients know that they – and their investments – are in good hands when they choose monoplaner prefabricated timber roof trusses from LCP Roofing.

All of the above supports our main aim, which is to ensure that our clients are provided with a professionally-designed, expertly-manufactured and well-erected roof.

At LCP Roofing, we don’t believe in attaching arbitrary time limits to our vision, but rather to always be working at it for continual improvement on the successes behind us and, from time to time, to celebrate our many wins.

The LCP Roofing team wishes you all a fruitful and successful 2019!

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