A day in the life…

An ode to coffee and its life-giving properties, by Robyn Cotton, LCP Roofing Receptionist.

7 am: The office opens, staff clock in. Before anything else, before any computer is turned on, there is one machine that must start first. Without this machine, Armageddon is sure to break loose.
Every office has one. No office can function without one. First it grinds, then it whizzes, and then an earthy aroma fills the office.

“Milk with no sugar!”
“Black with three sugars. No, make it four!”

First you breathe it in. Then you have a sip. Then another. Breathe out. Bliss.

10 am: I need another cup.

“It should be black as hell, as strong as death and as sweet as love!”
“No, it must be smooth, silky and oh-so-creamy!”

The rest of the morning is a buzz. Phone calls, tile orders, printer errors, more phone calls.
“WHERE is the blue file for the client with those funky trusses?”
“The cashflow is ready.”
“When will the carpenters be on site?”

12 pm: Lunch time. Grind. Whizz. Instant gratification.

“Okay, WHO stole my calculator?”
“Has anyone seen the purchase order that was just here?”

3 pm: I need some fresh air. Grind. Whizz. Freshly-ground heaven.

I’m sure you can tell by now, a day in the life of an LCP Roofing employee involves a lot of questions, but best of all, a lot of coffee.

For anyone who has ever stepped into the world of construction, coffee quickly becomes an essential companion. Even so, a good Cuppa Joe only goes so far. At LCP Roofing, it’s not just coffee that gets us through the day; it’s team work. At LCP Roofing, every department works seamlessly with one another to ensure that every process is as smooth as that first sip of coffee tastes.

For more about what we do at LCP Roofing, visit www.lcproofing.co.za.