Why to invest in regular roof inspections & maintenance

Your roof plays an important role in protecting your home from elements such as wind, rain, fire, hail, and extreme heat conditions. It therefore makes good sense that your roof is kept in tip top condition. On a daily basis, your roof expands and contracts as it is exposed to weather and other factors that may contribute to decay and deterioration. Consequently, this can increase possible damage to your household contents as well as the roof structure itself, which may turn out to be an expensive disaster if left unattended. It is therefore of utmost importance not to ignore any roofing issues, as small problems may quickly escalate into bigger ones.

Signs that may indicate roofing problems:

  • Water stains on ceilings and inside walls: This may indicate potential leaks on your roof that may be the result of cracked or displaced tiles or even a hole on the roof.
  • Unexplained odours inside: May be caused by small cracks that allow water to seep in. This can be a result of mold forming on your trusses inside the roof void.
  • Visible damage and debris: This may be attributed to roof tiles that have moved or are missing, thus allowing a lot of water to flow in, as well as providing easy access for rodents and insects. Gutters and down pipes that are damaged or overflowing with water will also cause potential problems. Cleaning your valley flashing and gutters regularly is very important, because if they are blocked it may cause tremendous problems. The water will not disperse properly and this will result in the overflowing of valleys, which may also run back into your roof causing damage to the ceilings and the possibility of a ceiling collapse.

The frequency of your roof inspections and maintenance may vary depending on factors such as the age of your roof, weather conditions as well as how much foot traffic your roof experiences. It is highly recommended to have your roof serviced at least once a year by a reputable roofing company. In the event of severe storms, it is advisable to always inspect your roof for damage as repeated storms may weaken your roof over time. Also, ensure your valleys and gutters remain free of leaves and any other objects which may cause clogging.

We strongly recommend that you pay close attention to your roof and its current condition, especially if it is already showing signs of wear or damage. It is good practice not to neglect your roof as this will shorten its life span.

Remember that doing a little maintenance may result in substantial savings in the long run. 

Article by Vanessa Naudé, LCP Roofing Sales Representative. 

Image courtesy of Mark Moz. Creative Commons License.