LCP Roofing’s Terms & Conditions

Why is it important to discuss and explain our terms and conditions document with you, our client, when embarking on building projects?

Some clients often look at our terms and conditions, also known as the dreaded ‘fine print’, as a document that’s been set up to purely protect LCP Roofing’s own interests. But this view is not entirely correct, and we would like to shed some light on the necessity of this important and often misunderstood document.

On all of our quotations, it is an explicit requirement for our sales representatives to discuss the terms and conditions of a project with their clients. The reason for this is not only to protect LCP Roofing’s interests, but also to bring up certain important points for discussion between LCP Roofing and its clients. This ranges from lead times on the manufacturing of trusses and the ordering of special timbers, to access for our trucks to sites or access to higher than normal buildings, etc. One rule in particular, is the fact that we only deal with one person per project, and that would be the person who approves our quotation and is responsible for payment of the account. This assists in promoting better communication with you, our client, as there is only one primary client contact point and it also largely eliminates the many ‘too many cooks’ scenario that often results in miscommunication.

The reason behind having a terms and conditions document is not purely to indemnify LCP Roofing of any actions or roles, but rather to try and cover as many bases as possible to avoid any disappointments or ill-conceived conceptions/assumptions. In many instances when our clients undertake the gigantic task of constructing a building, they are not always aware of all the possible issues that might occur during the project, as it is extremely easy to miss or forget something. It is for this reason that we ensure that our salespeople have the discussion with you, our client, about LCP Roofing’s terms and conditions, as it ultimately eliminates a lot of confusion and possible delays regarding your project.

We encourage you to discuss your project’s terms and conditions with your LCP Roofing representative at any time. We’re more than willing to assist you and ensure that your roof gets delivered on time and within the required specifications.

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