A rush to the finish line

As the year starts drawing to a close, many home owners and contractors begin a mad rush to have contractors and sub-contractors wrap up on their to-do lists in anticipation of the ‘builders’ holidays’, a time in South Africa when the entire construction industry comes to a grinding halt.

By Freddy Robertson, LCP Roofing Sales Manager.

The reason for this rush is that it’s near impossible to source building materials over December, as many suppliers close over the festive period. Unfortunately, this directly affects many home owners who may have planned to spend their December holiday in their newly-built homes.

This happens every year and, unfortunately, can lead to a number of problems, not just for LCP Roofing, but for all contractors in all trades. While contractors aim to work quickly and efficiently (because time is money), rushing to get things done hardly ever results in the work being done to standard. At LCP Roofing, we always advocate for getting it right the first time, even if it takes a little longer, which always beats having to go back a second time to fix what was not done correctly in the first place.

The key to staying on top of the year-end rush is – and will always be – planning. At LCP Roofing, we know the drill and we know that strategic planning helps get the job done, in time, on budget, and without the stress and strain of manic, unrealistic deadline chasing. We also share this sentiment and attitude with our customers, who are but grateful for the peace of mind that comes with this approach.

While planning eliminates many unnecessary obstacles in our industry, unforeseeable circumstances and uncontrollable events do pop up here and there; suppliers running out of stock, vehicles breaking down, employees falling ill, for example.

But from our side, the best advice we can ever give to any prospective home owner or contractor is to plan well in advance and to try to be prepared for any situation. Why spend the festive season doing crisis management and chasing the clock, when it could be spent with loved ones, reflecting on the year gone by and preparing for the freshness of a new one?

Here’s to a calm, well-prepared and organized fourth quarter for everyone!

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  1. Lyndsay

    Thanks Freddy… Certainly a challenge every year and only good planning will help fit things in, even the last minute one’s.

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