‘Goedkoop is duurkoop’

As a leader in roof truss technology, LCP Roofing deals with a number of players in the sector, from home owners to main contractors and sub-contractors. In my experience in this field, I have found that more often than not, home owners do not always take sufficient care to select a contractor to build their house.

This is not because the home owner is being careless or negligent, but is following what s/he thinks is sensible and cost effective. However, when contractors are hired based solely on initial tender pricing, this could prove problematic down the line, because on the cheapest quote, this is rarely where the cost of such a project ends – and of course, the owner must foot the bill.

In many cases, the owner will have to pay out more money on items that have not been priced correctly – or at all – due to the inexperience of such contractors. Sadly, standards and work quality that are below par have a crippling knock-on effect on the industry, with the potential to taint the good reputation of many other quality contractors. Further to this, contractors with decent experience, who offer quality materials and workmanship, don’t always have a chance to bid for these tenders to begin with.

By the time the owner has decided to let the original contractor go and appoint a more experienced company to do the job, costs associated with repairing or redoing the shoddy workmanship have sky-rocketed. It may even be difficult for the home owner to find a new contractor to take over the project, because companies whose values are aligned with high quality materials and workmanship will quite likely not want to work on a project whose standards and quality have already been compromised.

There is a wonderful saying in Afrikaans: ‘Goedkoop is duurkoop.’ This translates to, ‘Buying cheaply comes at a price.’ This couldn’t be truer for our industry and while we all need to look at saving on costs where we can, there are some expenses nobody should compromise on.

Building a house is an investment, so make sure it is built on solid, secure and sound foundations and that those foundations are covered with high quality construction work and a roof of the best available materials erected to standard.

By Roux Malherbe, LCP Roofing Sales Representative.

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