Price, Quality and Delivery Time

For as long as people have been buying and selling goods or delivering a service, the conundrum of price vs. quality vs. speed of delivery has existed. When acquiring a product or service, do you really want it to be the cheapest?

I entered the construction industry fairly recently, but in a sales environment, which is something I am no stranger to. Even though I have many years’ experience in sales, I am still taken by surprise when customers expect the whole package at the lowest price and as soon as possible. Of course everyone wants the best deal or the best value for money on the best product in the least amount of time. It’s human nature.


From a product or service provider’s perspective, offering a quality product at a standard higher than average may well mean losing out on the order, and I think a significant contributor to this is the many ‘middle-men’ involved in the supply chain. Everyone wants their slice of the pie.

Oftentimes contractors, who don’t have much to offer in the value chain, are involved and, because they are not closely involved with the supplied product, the client is ultimately saddled with the frustration and stress of not having a finished product – all of which could have been avoided by choosing the right service provider.

With some experience in the motor industry, the the figures speak for themselves. Toyota, Volkswagen, and BMW are top sellers in their respective segments, but they are certainly not the cheapest. Yet people buy them, because they are known for quality and reliability.

The same should be applied in all industries, especially when choosing your service providers or contractors for building a house, as this is the biggest purchase the average person will ever make.

By Roux Malherbe, LCP Roofing Sales Representative.


  1. Lyndsay

    Good one Roux ! It is so true and yet customers often get stuck on the “once off” good deal. The only problem is a roof, and certainly a home is the biggest single investment most of us make. Should we not only expect the best, both in service and quality ?

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