Roof 35 Accident on Graham Road

As part of its ongoing process and commitment to service excellence, LCP Roofing has many policies and procedures in place to monitor these processes.

The correct and safe transport of our products to our clients enjoys high priority and we as a road users have a duty to not only place roadworthy vehicles on the road but additionally ensure that other road users are respected and interacted with in a safe manner.

Our companies have thus a number of monitoring systems in our vehicles to monitor the actions of our drivers and other road users and these include, inter-alia real-time video recording systems.

It was with great shock that we learned of an accident on the M6 Graham road, Lynnwood road extension, Pretoria east at 10:18 on Wednesday 15th June 2016 involving our Scania 8×4 Rigid truck and drawbar trailer.

Contrary to news reports our truck was not the initiator of the accident, nor that “it rolled over”

The facts obtained from the video footage of the accident are as follows;

Our truck was travelling in a westerly direction and four vehicles in close proximity to each other were travelling in an easterly direction. The first vehicle passed without incident.

The second vehicle, a hatchback Mazda appeared to have left the tar surface on the left side whereupon the vehicle following it, a Volvo appeared to try to overtake the Mazda. The driver of the Mazda tried to re-enter the tar surface and collided with the Volvo. The Mazda hit our trucks’ front wheels and then plowed into the trucks diesel tank rupturing it.

The force of the impact wrenched the truck wheels and the truck then veered off to the right across into oncoming traffic, narrowly missing a Ford. The Ford also appeared to leave the road surface.

The Ford appears to have left the scene and a passenger in the Mazda fled the scene.

Our driver and his assistant were examined by the paramedics on the scene and after consultation it was deemed unnecessary for them to obtain any further medical attention.

A witness of the accident commended our driver for his handling of the incident.


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  1. Enock

    What an unfortunate incident, Thank God they were no causalities, it’s quote unfortunate how some drivers behave on the road causing unnecessary accidents.  

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