Through the eyes of a site manager at LCP Roofing

At LCP Roofing, we take pride in everything we do. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to us to always portray professionalism to all of our clients and suppliers.

On site we face various challenges from day to day and the best way to deal with these is to be the best in the business.

LCP Roofing's Sheeting team in action

LCP Roofing’s Sheeting team in action

Every day starts off with a progress meeting at the office in the morning before heading out to our various sites. Planning plays a crucial role in our day-to-day operations, and while there will always also be unplanned things that pop up and get thrown into the mix, this is normal in the world of construction.

Team work is key

Team work is key

LCP Roofing constantly engages and interacts with staff members, sub-contractors and suppliers, which means that each site manager needs to be equipped to deal with any and all situations that might arise. Our work starts when the brickwork of each building reaches roof level. Once our fabricated timber roof trusses arrive on site, our carpentry teams jump into action and commence with erecting the trusses. Once this has been completed, the beamfilling around the trusses gets completed. It is necessary for this to be done before our second phase can take place, namely the covering of the trusses.

This is when the tiling/sheeting of the roof commences. It is good building practice to ensure that any plastering required on walls above joining roofs be completed before tiling/sheeting commences to reduce the risk of damaging the tiling or sheeting and to prevent mortar from building up in valley gutters.

Job satisfaction for a hard days work

Job satisfaction for a hard days work

It is also important to prevent unnecessary activity/traffic on roofs, as uneducated or unskilled contractors do not know how to walk on roofs correctly, which can result in tiles and roof sheeting being cracked or dented. As proof that each roof was initially installed cleanly and correctly, we submit a detailed Site Report after each roof is completed and signed off, which includes photos and other relevant information. This then in turn gets filed into the relevant project’s file and an electronic copy of this report is sent to the client.

As site managers, we realise how important it is to give extra attention to the finished product. We therefore approach each job as if it is were our own roof, and within reason, do not walk away until both we and our clients are satisfied. We are also well aware of the various estates’ policies on housekeeping on sites and therefore make sure to keep our clients’ sites tidy.

LCP's Transport team working together to get materials on site timeously

LCP’s Transport team working together to get materials on site timeously

It is incredibly important to us to make sure that all internal and external communication, surrounding each process, is kept up to date with regards to all necessary actions and movements. It plays a big role in the successful construction of a roof and makes the difference in delivering the expected quality of service that our respective clients have grown to expect from us.

- Gavin Mostert


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