Hartebeesfontein Races

Well 2016 is definitely off too one spectacular start for the LCP Roofing Racing Team, with 6 podium finishes this years racing is turning out to be a fantastic one.

A race morning is always a spectacle with this diverse team of competitors. Everyone deals with the excitement in their own way, but the start line is the only place we wanted to be on this past scorcher of a Saturday. The race started off with a two man start so (needless to say) a race for the first corner. I ended up next to the man that hired me and I, of course being the apprentice I am, bolted for the corner. It was only clear afterwards that Lyndsay, in his wisdom, let me bolt for the corner saving his energy.

Freddy had packed and left with the drone to meet us in the field for a live action filming of the race. The entire dust cloud of racers would be barrelling down through his camera lens very shortly as the terrain was flat, fast paced and fiercely dusty.

Andri and Jan racing for the second spot passed him first, followed closely by Henri – who was leading the 250 two stroke class – and Gavin chasing that number one spot Henri was holding for the class. The first lap of the race- of the year proved to have the least of luck for our racers. Gavin’s bike was having problems and would be left in the pits after this first lap. Henri ran into some cut up wire which got tangled in is his bike and lost a few spots whilst cutting the tangled mess out of his bike.

Luckily our perseverance would prevail and we got through the rest of the race without too many more hiccups. A stranded bike seat, half of a clutch lever making a hasty exit and a flat rear wheel proved to be the only problems for the rest of the day. It was by no means easy but it was a lot of fun and the team powered through to take six podiums. Andri was the proud winner of the second place in the Open Class, leaving Jan to take the third place. Henri himself took a third place in his challenging class after having the incident with tangled wire and furthermore his daughter Katelyn took second place on her 50cc KTM in the kiddies’ class. Our first time racer Roux would take an admirable second place in the Senior Class and the boss man Lyndsay took his much deserved place on the top step of the podium in the Masters Class.

“LCP Roofing has a proud hobby of racing” said Mr. Cotton to the office before the team took on the challenge of this past weekend. We are proud to be a part of the LCP Team. The team will be taking 2016’s races head on – challenge accepted.

 - Jaco Slabbert


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