Aerial Photography

LCP Roofing, In partnership with Aveng Infraset were requested to submit a project to be entered into the Concrete Manufacturers Association awards for Excellence for the 2015/2016 year

The entry form states that the main purpose of the awards is to recognise excellence in the use of precast concrete across its numerous and varied applications and to honour those professionally associated with those applications.

It further states that the event is one of the highlights in the construction calendar and presents and outstanding opportunity for CMA members, both large and small, to showcase their products and to establish themselves as trendsetters in the use of precast concrete.

In order to present the best possible images a BELL407 helicopter was hired and we took a numbers of aerial photographs in order to select the best project to enter. Lyndsay and Stacy were the designated photographers for the day and used their professional camera’s and lenses to their fullest potential.

We are exceptionally proud of our projects and want to showcase a number of projects with the readers of our blogs

See a few of the images below.


    1. Lyndsay

      Thanks Jaco. Clients like yourself are an absolute pleasure to be associated with.
      Thankyou for a great partnership.

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