Roof Erection

Have you ever wondered what the construction of a roof entails?

Take a look at this video – a video that takes you through the construction and erection process step-by-step, showing you how roof trusses are fabricated according to SANS 1900 and then erected on site. We show you how the timber is accurately cut to the correct angles using our CNC Spyda saw and then taken to the plating table where the truss is fabricated using specially designed plates supplied by International Truss Systems.

Once the trusses have been fabricated and are ready to be delivered, they are carefully loaded onto one of our company branded trucks and transported to the job site.
Upon arrival, the trusses are offloaded and unpacked neatly on a clear, level lay down area.

Shortly after, our carpentry team arrives to erect the trusses.
Once erection is completed, our tilers are called to site and the roof is tiled.

Voila! The roof is complete and the homeowners can enjoy their roof from the inside and out.



  1. Lyndsay

    Hi Guys,
    You are a great team. Well done to all involved from the factory to the final product.
    Nice work on the video Stacy

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